2019 / Fine Art / Collage (Non-Pro)

Hy•st•er•ia: Body As Battleground

  • Photographer
    Diane Fenster

I was diagnosed with Stage 1 endometrial cancer and had to undergo a complete hysterectomy. I embarked upon this series in an attempt to fathom and artistically represent the emotional and physical changes that my body is going through.  The dress is the center stage upon which my drama unfolds and speaks to my sense of a lost femininity due to the loss of my womb. I use a variation on the antiquarian lumen printing process to obtain the images of the dresses. I then combine these dresses with other photographic methods to obtain the final images.

Diane Fenster's work is literary and emotional, using symbolism and multiple layers of meaning. Her images appear in the APERTURE monograph METAMORPHOSES: PHOTOGRAPHY IN THE ELECTRONIC AGE, WOMEN, ART AND TECHNOLOGY published by MIT press and the DIFFUSION ANNUAL 2016. Her newest imagery explores alternative processes. Exhibited in the 4th Biennale of Fine Art and Documentary Photography in Berlin, a finalist in the 9th Pollux Awards, the Alternative Process and Portraits categories of the 7th and 8th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards and finalist in the 2nd Charles Dodson Awards.