2019 / Fine Art / Other (Non-Pro)

Invisible Buisness

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    Raffaele Adamo

I want to show you how the Camorra enters your daily life without you knowing it, I want to show you how the clans enter the world markets and are financed by us ordinary people without we realize it, I want to let you know how the camorra is resting quietly on your boards How it takes you to spend as you make sure that you sleep quietly. I would say good breakfast or good lunch or good dinner, but are you sure it will be good? Photo01 The Honor Society, MOTHER, GREAT MOTHER & HOLY MOTHER Photo02 Coffee Break Photo03 Sons Photo04 PANDORA MARKET "All Around You!" Photo05 Holy Death

on 22/04/1988, a Naples in Italy, who grew up in the outskirts of Naples until 19 years, became a parachutist in the Italian army, honored after a busy career today, is a railroad. The passion for photography has been 8 years with its first National Geographic and since then a subscription to the magazine has not yet expired and a passion that has not expired. The shooting mode began to change after having met photographs by master Jerry Uelsmann, starting from an endless evolutionary process.