2019 / Book / Documentary (Non-Pro)

On Their Toes - A Ballet Center'S Story

  • Photographer
    James Black

I've attempted to capture the essence of a Ballet Center as they nurture students as young as five years old. The Center takes this raw talent and guides them through the beauty and artistry of ballet...encouraging serious and talented dancers towards a professional career.

I have been involved in photography since receiving my first camera for Christmas so many years ago. Although much of my work is landscape I am not tied to it. My philosophy is if something grabs your attention then take the picture...we do not have to agree with everyone's notion of what constitutes art. Rather than laboring under the pretext that I am capturing a "moment," I compose my pictures with the intent of creating a new moment. This moment is a delicate balance of factors, all crafted to capture what human eyes fail to see--an image blended from nature and my creative vision.