2019 / Portfolio / Personal

The Day Before Our Giant Fell

  • Company
    Kampong Kafe Galeri
  • Photographer
    David Nam Lip Lee

This is a very short series of photograph that recorded our dad the day before he leaving us to the heaven. Thank you for the life and love you gave us. We are already strong enough to continue the spirit and believe of his life before we see him again. We love you daddy!

David Nam Lip LEE, 42 is married to Fui Yung and they have three lovely daughters. David completed his tertiary education in Sabah, abd his degree in 2002 at Curtin University of Technology, Australia. Photography has helped David to establish a positive outlook on life and changed his view of the world. David believes the main reason of photography is to capture the moment of life. Images with impact emotion may let the viewers experience the same feeling. It also helps him to deliver messages that he wants to tell to his audience.