2019 / People / Culture

Ethereal Matter of Light

  • Photographer
    Silvia Alessi

The poetry of light. Three whirling dervishes (or Mevlevi) in the snow, performing the Sema, their ritual dance, in a mountain not far from Istanbul. White on white, light on light. They get the light from God, and they give it back to humanity. That is their meditation. I called this “Ethereal Matter Of Light”

I’m Silvia Alessi, from Italy. I’m based in Bergamo where I own a salon: I am a hairdresser and a make up artist. Like many others I love to travel and to take pictures, and so I have been doing for 15 years. In all these years I’ve tried to document people’s life in remote places. For many years I’ve been studying other photographers’ reportages on books or on social media, and a feeling became to grow within me. I don’t want to consider people as photographic trophies - I thought - I want to tell their stories through pictures.