2019 / Events / Wedding

The Solitude of An Indian Bride

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    Giuliano Lo Re Photography
  • Photographer
    Giuliano Lo Re

An Indian wedding is an extremely engaging and special ceremony. The bride, still, glacial, motionless, is brought to adoration on a kind of altar while relatives and friends celebrate animatedly. They contend wads of banknotes, as if to signify the sale or transfer of the girl to her husband's family. She doesn't move, she doesn't smile, she doesn't nod. No emotions are visible, while everything around her is frenetic.

I'm a 27 YO Photographer from Italy but I actually live in Switzerland. I admire cultures different from mine with interest and deep curiosity. I get excited about landscapes and I scrutinize with interest the gestures, the relationships, the looks and the everyday life of the people. I love telling all this, and travelling to do it. I love the stories that lie behind a photo, and my library, which bears the weight of dozens of Magnum books, can confirm it. Since 2017, alongside with the desire to become the new Steve McCurry, I have also become a Wedding Photographer.