2019 / Editorial / Photo Essay


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    Nicoló Filippo Rosso

At the border with Colombia, a continuous flow of migrants from Venezuela crosses the line every day. According to UNHCR figures, the number of Venezuelan refugees and migrants worldwide have reached four million. Nearly 1 million already live in Colombia, while many others seek a better life and undertake a a longer journey, often walking for months to Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Chile and Brazil. Most of the people who leave the country are in search of food and medicines. This is one of the largest migration flows in Latin America’s history: a migration crisis rivaling that of Syria.

I am an Italian photographer living in Colombia. My work is committed to long-term projects focused on energy, exploitation of natural resources and current social concerns such as the mass migration crisis of Venezuelans to other Latin American countries. I work on assignments for editorial clients and NGOs. Before becoming a photographer I received a degree in Modern Literature from the Universitá degli Studi di Torino, in Italy. Alongside my work as a photographer, in recent years I have been lecturing on documentary photography in schools and universities. I am currently based in Bogotá.