2019 / Editorial / Photo Essay


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    Oto Marabel

MATADORES:They grew up like heroic members of a special caste in Spanish society. Icons of value and honor, ambassadors of a country’s culture that turns its back on them as the first generation of Spaniards born within the European Union.The man in the matador’s outfit is a naked one who faces the primeval emotions that have overwhelmed human beings from all cultures and civilizations from the dawn of time: fear, death, honor, shame, glory… taboos that are shown in such an evident and close way that irritate the senses, triggering the most extreme reactions.This world is near to disappear.

working as Photojournalist since13 year ago, as freelance regular contributor in "El Periódico", "EFE agency" and European Photojournalist Agency (EPA). and whatever other media. Two times winner of Badajoz Journalism awards. 2016 founded "Plata o Plomo" Project. 365 Photojournalist program for Digital Magazine Cultura Badajoz. in 2016 selected in"First Impressions: Magnum Portfolio Reviews" Visa pour l'image16 (Perpignam). 2017 selected in SIPA international contest.