2019 / Fine Art / Collage

Familiar Circles

  • Photographer
    Ludovica Bastianini

I worked on the historical discrepancy between men and women, the division of the professional work against the reproductive one, which is the basis of the traditional family as it is still conceived today and politically promoted. “If "femininity" has been constituted in capitalist society as a work-function masking the production of the work-force under the cover of a biological destiny, then "women's history" is "class history," and the question that has to be asked is whether the sexual division of labor that has produced that particular concept has been transcended.” (Silvia Federici)

In 2017 she has been selected for “Circulations - Festival de la jeune photographie européenne", exhibited at the Centquatre in Paris. She has also been shortlisted at the Grand Prix Images Vevey, at the Life Framer contest and won the 3rd prize at Premio Tabò, presented at the Festival Fotoleggendo in Rome. Ludovica combines the language of photography with mixed techniques such as painting, sewing, collage, childhood illustration, and more. Her research focuses on manipulation of images and how this practice can change our comprehension of reality.?