2019 / Portfolio / Fine Art


  • Company
    TM Photo
  • Photographer
    Tanja Milbourne

This series seeks to express, through the language of dance, our emotions when faced with our own and possibly imminent mortality. I find that dance is like a universal language, communicating emotions that are too difficult for speech, while leaving room to interpret ones own. I choose to photograph exact moments in time where the dancer appears in a state of equilibrium, creating the appearance of suspension or falling. It is deliberately an open question, as I believe that 'Uncertainty' is an integral part of the human condition. We can never know how our life will unfold...

Growing up as a 'Third Culture Kid', I have called a multitude of different countries 'home', and it has always been difficult to pin down exactly 'where I'm from'. My artistic subject matter and body of work are therefore, I think, equally diverse - there are however themes that run through all of my works, and they revolve around 'Place', 'Identity' and 'Perception'. I work in a variety of mediums, my favourite being Photography of course, but also drawing, painting, model making, video, projections, animation and installation, and I love collaborating with interesting people.