2019 / People / Life Style


  • Photographer
    Monica Del Duca

A Kaur woman to the Nagar Kirtan in Pontinia in the province of Rome,during the langar consumes her meal while a child plays and a Sikh man (sevadar) gives drinks.

I'm Monica Del Duca.I was born in Marino on 31.07.73.In 2013, on my 40th birthday, I starded my photography studies at Officine fotografiche with beginners and intermediate courses.Then I attended training in street Photography and Reportage and i took part in several wsp in sardinia, Rome,Matera,Accettuta, Palermo.In 2016 I attended the reportage Lab. with F.Podavini. Since 2017 I'attended the Reportage Masterclass with the Ph. F.Podavini, Ph. G.Cocco and the internationale photo editor R.Santella.In 2018 I attended a course anthropology applied to photography with anthropologist M.Berardi.