2019 / Editorial / Photo Essay

What Diamonds Leave Behind

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  • Photographer
    Carlos Folgoso Sueiro

Yakutia (Russia) has five times the size of France but with a population less than 1 million produces 28% of all world's diamonds. Mirny or Udachny are examples of “Monogorods”, cities dominated by a single company (50% population works for state-controlled company Alrosa). The area suffers periods of extreme cold (temperatures reach -50°c). Their living conditions are unique; traces from the personality of closed cities are mixed with the harsh conditions of life in permafrost. This project explores isolation, adaptation to extreme cold and ability of humans to overcome adverse conditions.

I’m a documentary photographer based in Florence, Italy. Born 28th October 1982 in Verin, Spain, I studied Photography at Polytechnic University in Barcelona. Actually, I’m studying Sociology at UNED University, and I’m a self-taught student of the Russian language. During the last 8 years I’ve worked as photographer in a photo-news agency in Italy. Actually I’m focusing on long term projects. My work has been published by Der Spiegel, Sunday Times, Vanity Fair, The British Journal of Photography, L’Espresso, D la Repubblica, Paris Match, Sette, L’Internazionale or Sportsweek, among others