2019 / Advertising / Travel/Tourism


  • Company
    Mark Gray Gallery
  • Photographer
    Mark Gray

The remote atoll of Tikehau boasts untouched tropical beaches and pristine waters that are amazingly abundant with marine life. Our overwater bungalow was the fourth one from the left. Built from locally sourced materials, it boasts a luxurious king size bed, large balcony and stylish ensuite. With no need for a television, instead the majority of the floor is made from glass that allows you to gaze down into the azure waters below. Countless fish, rays and sharks swim underneath you all day long. I don't think it could be possible to get any closer to nature while staying in complete luxury.

Mark Gray is considered by many to be Australia’s new leading landscape photographer. With a growing list of 224 International Awards, Mark's work has sold for up to $30,000 and is collected in 32 countries across the world. Mark's photographs have featured on prime-time television and are regularly published in books, magazines, newspapers, calendars and more...