2019 / Fine Art / Nudes

Freedom of Water

  • Company
    Photography Marika Pentikainen
  • Photographer
    Marika Pentikainen

Through photographing emotions, I form a direct connection to people and can see how each person adapts and blends into nature, and I find the combination of these two elements very interesting. For me, nudity reveals a person in their own natural, genuine and open state which has to be seen as more than something superficial. It’s also a state in which a person is at their most vulnerable, and that should be respected. In my photographs, and especially in this series, seeing a person in their most natural state, together with the natural element of water, is important to me.

I’ve always been interested in the human mind and the freedom it can give us. Photography is a tool that serves as a visual escort to my mind/that allows me to express the landscape of my mind. I’m intrigued by the human mind’s range of emotions, from raw, dark emotions like sadness, longing, and hate to positive emotions like happiness, kindness and love. I love the idea of a person simply being as they are, a physical and emotional being. A creation of nature.