2019 / Fine Art / Abstract

My Japan

  • Company
    Linda Grool fotografie
  • Photographer
    Linda Grool

This serie is an impression of how I see several cities of Japan. I've created my own interpretation of those cities. For example in Tokyo I saw lots op hard working people, dressed in black blue and beige. In Kyoto is saw blossom, kimono's and tourism In Hiroshima there is still the feel of the grey after bomb dust cloud

I photograph a scenery that somehow inspires or touches me and combine the pictures to create my own photos, transforming reality into the images in my mind - images of my own associative reality. I'm always looking for social relevance in my work, combined with my personal feelings about themes one comes across while observing both, city sights and nature (like growth and innovation, but also decay and mortality, or even usual daily business). A photo doesn't feel finished to me until it brings back the emotion