2019 / Nature / Seasons

Spirit Tree

  • Company
    Mark Gray Gallery
  • Photographer
    Mark Gray

Every so often, God reveals something truly special to me. It's then up to me to do my best to capture it. This was one of those moments. I was away for the weekend with my amazing wife Suzy (not far from Melbourne) when we just happened to walk past this incredible Japanese Maple Tree, ablaze with intense autumn colours. It caught my eye immediately and I made a mental note of exactly when to return to capture it. I revisited a couple of days later and captured this stunningly colourful photo, and just in time! - less than a week later, the tree had lost almost all of it's leaves.

Mark Gray is considered by many to be Australia’s new leading landscape photographer. With a growing list of 224 International Awards, Mark's work has sold for up to $30,000 and is collected in 32 countries across the world. Mark's photographs have featured on prime-time television and are regularly published in books, magazines, newspapers, calendars and more...