2019 / Nature / Landscapes

Celestial Skies

  • Company
    Mark Gray Gallery
  • Photographer
    Mark Gray

Earlier this particular night I did my usual evening ritual, heading to a nearby lookout to scope out the potential for a sunset but was greeted with clear skies as far as the eye could see. I knew instantly that the sunset wouldn't be worth shooting but decided that there could be a great opportunity to capture the Milky Way over the 12 Apostles later that night if conditions allowed. I checked the time of astronomical twilight and also the moonrise to make sure that I would be able to capture the night sky in all it's glory. Later that night it all came together!

Mark Gray is considered by many to be Australia’s new leading landscape photographer. With a growing list of 224 International Awards, Mark's work has sold for up to $30,000 and is collected in 32 countries across the world. Mark's photographs have featured on prime-time television and are regularly published in books, magazines, newspapers, calendars and more...