2019 / Editorial / General News

Kill Me Fast

  • Photographer
    Andrea Signori

"Kill me fast". That's last meaning of Chang'aa, a traditional distillate from Kenya, illegal until 2010, made from millet, corn and sorghum, which has become one of the plagues of the country, creating dependencies in the poorest areas. Methanol, battery acid, petrol are some of the ingredients that are clandestinely added to create a stronger, cheaper and devastating blow. According to the NACADA (Kenya's National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse), 12.2% are alcohol dependent. Loss of reason, deformed faces, children abandoned are consequences of addiction

after the master's degree at the Roman school of photography I began to carry out reports in Italy and abroad, focusing mainly on social and economic aspects. I am currently contributor to the Parallelo Zero agency