2019 / People / Culture

Le Mystère Enya-Hannah

  • Photographer
    David Degelin

The photo series tell a photographic story capturing the creative process of the graphic artist Enya-Hannah Elliott, living and working in Bruges, Belgium. The approach of the series refers to the 1956 French documentary film about the painter Pablo Picasso, showing Picasso in the act of creating paintings for the camera. The idea of the photo series is to show the creation process of an artwork from the artist's as well as the artwork's perspective. Enya-Hannah used a glass canvas to create her artwork which made it possible to have a very unique 360 view on the creation process.

Growing up with a film director as dad, camera's, images, films, were just part of my daily life and being exposed to various forms of image processing during my childhood helped me to develop my visual sense early on. At university I graduated in archaeology and in addition I studied cultural and social anthropology. Through my photographic work I found a way to express my passion for people and culture, in portraits and street photography.