2019 /

Notes For The End of A Century.

  • Photographer
    Jose Ney Mila Espinosa
  • Agency / Studio

Notes For The End of A Century. Generally my interest is human beings immersed in the daily life of public spaces and their unconscious relationship with the environment spontaneously. The anthropological value as reflection of those visual experiences, which can evoke a oneiric or irrational appreciation, without losing the interpretation of the supposed reality. In this catalog I intend by visual narrative to refer to the *everything: the World and its inhabitants, their illusions, their sadness, beliefs and love, in an instant of hallucinations and convergences in the imaginary spaces.

His images have been presented in more than 100 collective and individual exhibitions around the world. In spaces like The Florida Museum of Photographic Arts, Tampa; Southeast Museum of Photography Daytona; Museo Latino, Omaha, Nebraska; Richmond Hall/The Menil Collections, Houston; Museo de Arte de Downey, Los Angeles, California; Museo de Bellas Artes de Santo Domingo, República Dominicana; Fototeca del INAH, Pachuca, México; Museo Tambo Quirquincho, La Paz. Bolivia; Museo de Huelva. España; Museo del Humor, San Antonio de los Baños y Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de La Habana...