2019 / Editorial / Photo Essay

Eraudis Pompi - A Man With Dignity

  • Photographer
    You-Ming Liu

Eraudis Pompi is a homeless one-leg man I met everyday during my 7-day stay in Havana from my first trip to Cuba in June 2018. Unlike other homeless, Pompi never asked for any money, we just chat all the time. On the last day, Pompi took me for a long, four kilo-meter walk in Havana. Suddenly, I saw a big wall poster when entering a dim apartment. He meant to show me this poster and to see his old-time glory. His leg was amputated in an army bomb explosion ten years ago. We decided to re-shoot the same picture in Malecon, but he couldn't perform a perfect pose like he did as a young solider.

Amateur photography artist. Photo profile in diversity and street photography enthusiastic. National photography contest jury in Taiwan. Held first personal exhibition "Street Vitality" in Taipei, Taiwan in July 2018.