2019 /

Dreaming Moscow

  • Photographer
    Miguel Franco Botticelli

Moscow is a city with a lot of history, culture and art.These are the first pictures from my project in progress, Dreaming Moscow. I will take them in different seasons during this year. From the very beginning, I had the intention to use them not documentary, I rather wanted digitally abstract the photos that would emerge. The observer should look at the pictures of this beautiful city not with the mind, but with heart and soul.The photos I will print by myself with Platinum Print Process.

Miguel Franco Botticelli is a professional Architecture and Art Photographer. He is of German nationality of Spanish/Italian descent.At George Eastman Museum Rochester, USA and in Germany he studied historic processes of photography.March till June 2008 - First solo exhibit “Havana–A Glimpse into Daily Life” was displayed at a Bank in Germany.2007-2010 he presented his project “Venice-Classic and Beautiful” for collectors in Spain and Italy.2012 he graduated as filmmaker at New York Film Academy at Universal Studios Hollywood, California, USA and founded his company Cinema Fotoreisen.