2019 / Advertising / Fashion


  • Company
    Julien De Wilde
  • Photographer
    Julien De Wilde

Do you feel the presence of unconditional love in you? This infinite intelligence that is the basis of all life and all creation. The only way to not live in the past and its emotions is to reach the source. This process plunges us into our inner world which then becomes our reality, pure consciousness.

Julien De Wilde is a fashion, portrait and fine art photographer based in Brussels, Belgium and regularly travel In Thailand where he used to live. His work is defined by purety, simplicity, sincerity, timelessly, and most of the time in black and white. His work has been awarded by the IPA Awards in fashion and advertising, ND Awards in photo story, documentary and fashion, Dodho black and white photographer of the year 2018, Loosenart, The Motif Collective, and the Independant Photographer.