2019 /

Humanity@85 Mm

  • Photographer
    Anirban Mandal
  • Agency / Studio
    Anirban Mandal Photography

Human expressions from different sects of life, caught on 85mm prime lens: The people in this series are a Hindu pilgrim capturing memory with his cellphone lens at Kumbh fair, Prayagraj, India, an aged tribal woman in the dry and rough district of Purulia (India), an Indian mud wrestler of Kolkata, a 93 years old widow in Varanasi(India), a road worker in Kolkata with his hand covered in tar and a man with rough skinned face whom I found as co-passenger in train.

Anirban is a freelance photographer at present based in Kolkata, India. The closest genre of his photography is Fine Art Photography in a modern way that gives the photographer the control and independence of creating a unique frame without disturbing or influencing the naturally occurring events around him.