2017 / Portfolio / Fine Art_PO (Non-Pro)


  • Photographer
    Kyoungsoo Kim

Through the camera, I was able to realize the imaginary world that I dreamed. Stage installations, light paintings and multiple exposures make it possible for me to see the imaginary world that I had dreamed of in the past. My avatar in the picture was able to travel to places that I could not go. I was able to reach even the deepest part of my heart through the avatar. My avatar I made can travel freely to another world by taking a dimensional teleporter called a camera.

Kyoungsoo Kim is a photographer based in Korea. He has been constantly trying new ways of working in photography. He chose ‘Light Painting Method’ to give uniqueness to his works as displayed at his two solo exhibitions. Apart from solo exhibitions, He has participated in 20 group and invitational exhibitions and received an excellent prize at the 4th Korea International Photo Festival in 2017. All his work is working in a unique way to create a photo image by composing a stage in the darkroom, manually opening the shutter, and painting with four small lights.