2017 / Portfolio / Personal

Save The Women, Save The World. The Gender Based Violence and The Rebirth of The Hope.

  • Photographer
    Giacomo D'Orlando

In Nepal, the Gender Based Violence is the major reason that leads to suicide,the main cause of death among women. A preliminary mapping has revealed that women of all ages are subjected to physical, sexual and psychological abuse. Accept the fact and seek help for them is very hard, but in the last years the joined awareness work made by the government and NGOs has begun to change the mentality of the society. In particular the NGO Apeiron have developed a program that helps the victims through a rehabilitation in a Safe House until their reintegration in the society, giving them a new life.

Since my grandfather gave me my first film camera when I was only a child, photography has been one of the most important parts of my life, and above all, my deepest passion. I adore photography because I can have the opportunity to catch exceptional moments experienced throughout my life, through my interpretation of reality, without losing the emotions that those moments cause. For this reason, after three years spent as a photographer in the advertising industry, I decided to quit, and dedicate myself to the documentary photography and photojournalism.