2017 / Portfolio / Fine Art_PO (Non-Pro)


  • Photographer
    Paula Haapalahti
  • Agency / Studio
    Art by PauPau

My #series57daysinparis project is collection of paintings, miniatures, drawings and photographs. I tried to observe Paris from different angle, to see what we usually don’t see, to find in the surroundings of Paris those things which are hidden and usually are unnoticed. I try to see beauty beyond the surface. The hidden places which are not obviously seen behind the surfaces make the unknown behind a new meaning.

I love to observe my surroundings by photographing randomly in nature and urban cities. I would like to show the world through my eyes… I want to share the feeling, the touch, the smell and the joy of everyday life. As a personal journey I’ll try to learn from my experiences and to see beyond the surface… I try to connect my inner thoughts visually into my work and to catch the things as they are in the moment. No more, no less. "There's something significant and beautiful in this world which always surprises me. In particular: kindness, love, compassion and gratitude will never lose their rel