2018 / People / Life Style (Non-Pro)


  • Photographer
    Alberte A Pereira

One of the main axes on which street photography pivots is the observation of people’s behavior. How they interact and how they interrelate, especially in urban spaces. FRAGMENTS is a sample of small gestures, of people absorbed and decontextualized showing only part of the environment that surrounds them. As well, I attach pieces of urban space without the presence of people. I propose in this work a photograph of a street separated from the decisive moment, of the extraordinary, of yustapositions or of images in humorous tone. I look for the simple, the essential, the light, showing portrait

Alberte is a self-taught and independent photographer. After a first approach to photography with his first film camera during the 80’s, it was not until 2012, however, when he really involves in photography, inclined towards street photography and documentary. A small camera is his constant companion and it is his tool when wandering around the streets and witnessing what is going on them. In 2016, together with three other photographers, he creates Quitar Fotos, an online space for reflection, dialogue and dissemination of street photography and documentary