2018 / Editorial / General News


  • Photographer
    Alessandro Cinque
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Editorial/General News

Everyday, hundreds of Kurds cross the border between Iraq and Iran smuggling goods for a few dollars.?They often come under fire from border guards and Iranians shoot their mules as a punishment. They also risk their lives in the treacherous mountain passes and cold winter temperatures on the Kurdistan Region. More then 100 Kolbars have died in 2017.?Goods in Iraq are cheaper and thanks to the Kolbars’ operations they enter into Iranian market avoiding the tax system. Kolbars carry alcohol, cigarettes, TVs and electronics, walking for kilometers. The cargo can weight more than 50 kilos.

This is Alessandro Cinque, an Italian photojournalist. In 1988 I was born in Orvieto, Italy. Following my interest I dialed with reportage in addition to business photography, starting collaborations with NGOs (Emergency, Amnesty International) and traveling in different countries. Newspapers and magazines publish my photo features: MarieClaire, Corriere della Sera, Sette, Sunday Times, Libèration, Africa, Eastwest, Focus. In February 2017 I printed INCIPIT, my first book. In April I have been nominated Leica Ambassador. In 2018 I won an Award of Excellence at “POYi".