2018 / Nature / Sunset (Non-Pro)

Heavenly Waves On Fire

  • Photographer
    Ramona Heiner

I have spent time on an Expedition ship in June 2017 in Svalbard to explore the Arctic and to photograph Landscapes and Wildlife.One evening we arrived with the ship in Ny-Ålesund, the sun was just about to set, and created this dramatic scene with cloudy waves that looked as set on fire. Ny-Ålesund is a research town in OscarII Land on the island of Spitsbergen in Svalbard,Norway.It is the northernmost functional civilian settlement in the world.

Ramona is a wildlife, nature and travel photographer based in Germany. While german is her native tongue, her passion for photography, travel and languages has taken her to many countries. She loves to explore new landscapes while experiencing wildlife in it's natural habitat. Whether in her own backyard, on safari or an expedition, her camera is always at the ready. To find out more, you are welcome to visit her Website.