2018 / Editorial / Photo Essay (Non-Pro)

From Burgers to Broadway

  • Photographer
    Lucia Buricelli

This is a project about the Stardust diner, a restaurant located in Midtown Manhattan, New york. A few months ago I was just walking in the street when I saw this diner. There was a long queue outside, it looked like a place where everybody would like to go. I decided to enter. It was super crowded, while the people were eating The waitress were singing on the the tables. the spotlights, the saturated colors remind me of a stage. The people that work there as waitress aspire to be in Broadway and for me these people represent the ambitions and the difficulties connected to this world.

Hello, I am Lucia, a documentary photographer and a photojournalist based in new York. I was born and raised in Venice in 1994 and after a bachelor degree in Graphic design and art direction I decided to move to New York to study at the International centre of photography, where I am currently enrolled in the documentary and visual journalism program. My work is focused mostly on people life, and in the relation between them. I try to capture people life with humor and Irony.