2018 / Architecture / Cityscapes (Non-Pro)

Corviale - The Snake

  • Photographer
    Marco Marucci

In the 70’s the city of Rome was experiencing a tough crisis, people needed an house, a place to live. A team of “illuminated” architects so designed a residence with 1200 modules, a block of concrete 1000 meters long in the neighborhood of Corviale. The building, far from the city and with no connections, was supposed to be autonomous and independent, offering everything its inhabitants could need in the inside.

Marco is a photographer who hails from Bari,Italy. Born in 1982, his foray into the world of photography began through examining the environment around him and gradually developed into personal reflections of topics that had resonance to him. His nuanced grasp of capturing images photographically has enabled him to convey ideas and emotions derived from subjects pertaining to current affairs, culture and social issues.