2018 / People / Portrait_P


  • Photographer
    Lorena Cordero

This series is about recognizing yourself in the soul. Do we not question our whole life about the existence of a superior power, that sustains us and guides us in our paths? In my life, darkness took me to a point where I had to accept that I had to go through Hades to find the aura on the other side. I appeal to virgins and goddesses of different cultures as a bridge to represent spirituality through femininity and find communion with myself.

Multi-awarded fine art photographer, Lorena Cordero, born in Quito, Ecuador in 1971. She attended Parsons School in New York and later transferred to Parsons Paris. A great part of her career makes her a self-educated professional. She emerges herself into portraiture where she explores a very personal way to express her feelings. She studies human growth which becomes a very important tool to work with her subjects. Photography is healing.She has performed several individual and collective exhibits and has won several photography awards. She published Labyrinth inside the Mirror in 2012.