2018 / Editorial / Photo Essay (Non-Pro)

Survivor; Survived Against All The Odds

  • Photographer
    Farida Alam
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Editorial/Photo Essay

The Bede community is a nomadic ethnic group in Bangladesh well known for its distinctive culture and heritage.    In this community, childbirth is undertaken with the help of traditional midwives. This is the story of Dulary, a Bede mother of four, who is about to give birth to her fifth child. A wonderful scenario here; when someone goes into labor, a group usually stays home to support, while another group goes out to earn and share their earnings with the would-be mother.   The process is unhygienic, but they are okay because they have been living against all odds for decades.

My inspiration for photography comes from the people and my surroundings. I love to experience other cultures, meet different people from diverse communities.  I believe in immersion photography and spend months listening, observing and talking with my subjects over the course of a project. Photography has become a part of my identity - a force that makes me think, feel and understand human being and the human condition.