2018 / Editorial / Photo Essay (Non-Pro)

Living In Solitude

  • Photographer
    Manel Quiros
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Editorial/Photo Essay

Living in Solitude Banishanta - located on a small riverbank village in Mongla, southern Bangladesh, is one of twenty legal brothels in the country. Populated by women who ‘do not exist,’ many in their young teenage years, who never imagined themselves destined to a life as sex slaves. The girls are isolated in Banishanta, so they are forced to learn to live in each other’s company – they form friendships and ‘families.’ But this is all a make – believe front for their sanity. In truth every girl lives alone. Manel Quiros

Manel Quiros (1984) Spanish photographer from Barcelona based in the United Kingdom since 2010. Studied professional photography at the University of Valencia and Visual Communication and Photojournalism in Edinburgh and Glasgow. He has collaborated with; CC ONG, Naya Nagar ONGD, Red Cross Spain, Red Cross Burkinabe, UNHCR (The United Nations Refugee Agency) and WFP (World Food Programme). His dedication to documentary photography has been developed in several European countries, and also in countries such as; Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Egypt, India, Bangladesh, Thailand and Cambodia.