2018 / Editorial / Environmental

Seaweed Farming In Zanzibar - An Industry In Hot Water

  • Photographer
    Kiki Streitberger

Zanzibar is one of the poorest regions in the world. With 16,000 tons per year, seaweed production has become the third largest industry on the islands. It is exported all over the world to be used in cosmetics, medicine and food. It has allowed many Zanzibari women to earn an income and to be independent. Lately, however, a rise in water temperature has stunted the growth of the crops and has caused algae to grow between the seaweed, reducing its quality and value. The only solution would be to grow the seaweed in deeper waters, but as the women of Zanzibar can’t swim, this is not an option.

Kiki Streitberger is based in London and in Germany. Her work explores the line between art and documentary photography, telling stories of cultural and social relevance through the eyes of the individual. She uses photography as a way to engage with the world around her and is particularly interested in the human element in a story … in the uniting factor.