2018 / Editorial / Environmental

Around The River

  • Photographer
    Massimo Capocci

"Around the River" examines the socio-economic-environmental crisis that is gripping the Sacco river Valley, near Rome in Italy. An uncontrolled industrial development and lack of environmental policies have generated an overload of pollutants that contaminate the Sacco river and the neighbouring lands, creating problems throughout the food chain. These images describe the state of isolation and the sense of abandonment felt by the inhabitants, but also their spirit of sacrifice and the strong relationship established with their own land, for years disputed between industry and agricolture.

Massimo Capocci, born in 1982 in Italy, approached photgraphy as an autodidact during his studies of engineering. In 2014-15 joins the Photojournalism Master at Officine Fotografiche Roma while beginning to work as a freelance photographer. His attention is focused on social, environmental and anthropological issues.