2018 / Editorial / Personality


  • Photographer
    David Weimann
  • Agency / Studio
    David Weimann Photogrpahy
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Editorial/Personality

An Editorial series about chef cooks. All of them have at least 1 star michelin. All of them are based near cologne germany. i made this series as part of portfolio building work, to showcase on my webside.

Born in a small town near Cologne, David Weimann found his love for photography after being inspired by his father and grandfather. He graduated from his photography scholarship in 2002 and began his journey working on cruise ships before finally starting work for magazines and companies as a portrait, lifestyle and business photographer. Celebrities such as Eric Burdon, Max Cavalera and Dirk Bach appreciate his quick and concentrated way of working, making a shoot a time-saving and fun event. Before becoming a photographer, David also worked as a mechanic, graphic designer, and student of soc