2018 / Book / Documnetry (Non-Pro)

Waiting In The Urban Spotlight

  • Photographer
    Monnier Ostermair
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Book/Documnetry

The city is a network of transit spaces that are far less anonymous and monofunctional than proclaimed in Augé's theory of nonplaces. On closer examination, the transit space is a classless space and a backdrop of various speeds and encounters. Although it's primarily designed for movement, it is also a place of standstill. Staged by the light, the chaotic urban drama looks like a perfectly composed symphony of human interaction - nowhere the interplay of coming and going is more beautifully orchestrated. This series is a study on the cyclic movement patterns and coincidences of transit space.

Monnier Ostermair was born in Germany in 1990 and grew up near Munich and in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She first graduated in Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Stuttgart, where she discovered her passion for photography and her fascination for the interplay between lines and light. After working in various architecture offices, she worked as an assistant at Roland Halbe architecture photography. Monnier completed her Master of Arts in Advanced Design at the University of Munich. Since then she lives and works as a graphic designer and photographer in Munich.