2018 / Fine Art / Landscape (Non-Pro)

E' Il Mare (It Is The Sea)

  • Photographer
    Roberto Del Bianco

I was born and have always lived in a tourist seaside town, where in summer the beach is crowded with vacationers and just leave the house to immediately feel on holiday. I who live twelve months a year at sea then I asked myself: what is the sea out of season? The fascination that the sea expresses the summer there is also before and after? To these questions I answered documenting Rimini out of season, telling with these photos the part of the seaside tourist town outside of summer. Looking over that responses also cover the complete soul of places known to many for a few days a year.

Born in Pesaro in 1974. The mother has been working for years in a photo studio sending it as a child the pleasure of photography. As a boy he had a passion for photography, first with analog, both black and white and color, then with digital. In 2012 she decided to dedicate more time and perseverance to the study and practice of photography, taking part in basic and advanced courses, including ‘Seeing Through Photographs’ MoMA, ‘Creative Photography’ as a student of the Maestro Franco Fontana, and developing some projects then presented in Italian and international competitions.