2018 / Architecture / Interiors

Wounded House

  • Photographer
    Fabio Mantovani
  • Agency / Studio
    Fabio Mantovani fotografo
  • Prizes
    Silver in Architecture/Interiors

In 2016 two earthquakes hit twice the Marche region, in central Italy. On dramatic occasions like this, the attention is first paid to the victims, then there is the dimension of memories, with a respectful temporal distance from the first much more tragic events. This work is about a house in Sarnano, right in the middle of the earthquake struck territory, photographed in 2017 - a year later - under the same conditions as the second earthquake, lit only in the light of a electric torch, the only possible way to see what remains of a wounded house.

Born in Bologna (Italy), 1970, professional photographer since 1996, active in architecture photography, interiors and corporate. His photos appear on magazines like, D-Casa, Il Magazine dell’Architettura, Corriere della Sera Living, D-Repubblica delle donne, Bauwelt, AW-Archiworld, Modulor, Monocle, Ojo de Pez, and on web portals as Europaconcorsi, Divisare, Archilovers. He exhibited his works in various galleries and museums such as MAXXI Museum in Rome, Spazio Belvedere in Milan, World Architecture Festival of Berlin. He took part at the 15th Venice International Architecture Exhibition.