2018 / Architecture / Industrial

Silent Forms

  • Photographer
    Bruno Fontana

Since the 1930s, grain silos popped up in our countryside. Erected as totems, such strange forms question. Regarded by some as wounds in the landscape or admired by others as sculptures, silos do not leave indifferent. The play of elementary volumes and materials radiates a singular beauty. The velvety and soft tones adorn these objects with a kind of delicacy that borders on preciousness.This succession of images questions the architecture of the object itself by posing the question of an overlooked legacy.

Bruno Fontana's work is building on a subtle balance in the representation of urban and natural environments. In straddling both worlds, he triggers thoughts on the various ways of appropriating land. Series after series, Bruno Fontana experiments, investigates and suggests new insights into landscapes. In manipulating images sometimes to the boundaries of reality, he sparks a novel understanding of the relationship between ourselves and our environment. Each series focuses on legacy and memory, which are guiding principles of the artist's photographical approach.