2018 / People / Culture


  • Photographer
    Jens Juul
  • Agency / Studio
    Jens Juul

Every year people gather for Roskilde Festival, the largest culture and music festival in Northern Europe. Roskilde Festival is an ocean of music and creative outlets, but even before the official opening of the festival grounds, there is a buildup for a week in the camping grounds.Here, people start to pour in, have art shows, mini concerts, film showings as well as creating their own Roskilde camp. To many, the camping grounds are the venue of a large part of the combined Roskilde experience. Many have rules for setting up the tents and creating creative camp spaces.

In place of the traditional word ‘portrait’ to describe his black & white photographs of anonymous strangers, Jens Juul prefers to attach the word “portrayal.” From a semantics perspective it may seem a subtle nuance, but in truth, Juul’s photography is a collective visual statement ‘portraying’ the human condition intertwined at its most vulnerable points of truth. Blunt, almost savage, in their revelations and vulnerability, Juul’s images blur the lines between documentary, environmental portraiture, and fine art references.