2018 / Editorial / Political

‘A Republic, If You Can Keep It’

  • Photographer
    Ashley Gilbertson
  • Agency / Studio
    VII Photo

I’ve heard stories about towns in America that celebrated when Donald J. Trump won the election. People shouting on main streets, driving around honking their horns — elation. Washington wasn’t one of those towns. Here, 4 percent of Washingtonians voted for Mr. Trump. Ordinarily, people put their heads down and get on with it. This inauguration is different, though. There’s an infectious sense of fear and anxiety that’s impossible to avoid.

Ashley Gilbertson is an Australian photographer and writer living in New York City widely recognized for his critical eye and unique approaches to social issues. Gilbertson is a member of the VII Photo Agency, a frequent contributor to The New York Times and a collaborator with the United Nations.