2018 / Architecture / Bridges (Non-Pro)

Moon Halo

  • Photographer
    Rucca Ito
  • Prizes
    Silver in Architecture/Bridges

Taushubetsu arch bridge...over Lake Nukabira. Water is stored from summer to autumn and it becomes almost full so that the bridge disappears before winter. At this Lake Nukabira which was discharged for power generation in winter, the water level drops while keeping the frozen state. When the full moon sets, the moon halo appears and covered the arch bridge. I took this picture with 4 minutes exposure.

My nickname is Rucca Y Ito. I live in Hokkaido,JAPAN. I am taking pictures of Hokkaido’s beautiful natural scenery and unusual weather events at the same time. And I am pursuing to make pictures that will be the illusion that you are there. Someday, I’d like to go to shoot the scenery around the world and aerial photographs beyond imagination.