2018 / Editorial / Environmental

The Devil'S Gold

  • Photographer
    Luca Catalano Gonzaga
  • Agency / Studio
    Witness Image
  • Prizes
    Silver in Editorial/Environmental

Inside the womb of the Ijen Kawah volcano, in Eastern Java, Indonesia, the miners go deep in search of the Devil's gold, as sulfur has always been known. Every day, They climb up three kilometres and then head downwards until the opening of the crater where the sulfur crystals lie. Nine hundred meters deep towards hell, defying the unbearable heat, rarefied air and the darkness, without any protection.The sulfurus gas hits the throat, burns the lungs, makes tears spring from the eyes.

Luca Catalano Gonzaga was born in Rome. After Classical Studies he graduates in Economics and works in the world of communication for over a decade. In 2010, he decides to found Witness Image, to collect and narrate the great transformations of our time he witnesses as a photo reporter. His work takes him to highly remote areas and borders of the world, to carry out a series of photographic projects that narrate the rights and self-determination of people. His projects have received numerous international awards and his photographs have been published by major international media.