2019 / (Non-Pro)

Musa Natura

Beauty and wonder of nature has always mesmerized me beyond words. Colors of the Earth, sky and the sea. Perfect and magical. It’s a miracle to be able to see and appreciate the glorious nature of our planet Earth. Touched by the winds and the warmth of the sun. I would capture those spectacular moments unfolding in front of me. But with a bird in air, it’s something more than just seeing. There I feel united with the universe. It’s like a muse. A mystique. A Musa Natura to savor.

I’m Prashant Naik. They say life is best seen with eyes half-closed. For me, life is best seen with eyes half-closed on to my camera’s viewfinder. Through its lens, I see myriad images, shapes and colours. The unusual. The off-the-cuff. The waylaid. And the meandering. I have been shooting professionally for 7-8 years now. Yet, I have been a photographer all my life. My photo art leans towards Mother Nature, the beauty of night, snapshots of travel to exotic places – both on the ground and on Cloud 9.