2018 / Advertising / Fashion_A

The Silence of Snow

  • Photographer
    Elena Tyutina

In this series I visualize an invisible parallel between the human and nature. Nature is our soul mate. The magic of snow is in it's purity and silence. The silence and solitude is often what we need in order to discover the beauty of the world in a deeper way. Tokyo, Japan, 2017.Team credits: Photographer: Elena Tyutina. Model: Mari Hirao. Make-up and Hair: Emily McKay Stylist: Joan Tran Hieu.

Elena Tyutina (b.1986) is a Ukrainian-born photographer based in Tokyo working in the field of Fine Art and Fashion photography.Her strong affinity with nature and poetic attraction to solitude, often characteristic to what is known as a Russian soul, has shaped Elena’s photographic vision. For her combining seemingly unrelated elements in her practice brings freedom of a true creativity.Her work has been exhibited in photographic festivals, including Les Rencontres d’Arles in France, Révélations au Grand Palais, as well as she marked her first solo show during the Kyotographie 2017.