2018 / Editorial / Photo Essay

I Wanna Go Home

  • Company
    Indonesia Trip Advisors
  • Photographer
    Evi Aryati Arbay

The Pacific War has long been over, but on a remote island on the Pacific ocean is called Biak Island. The remaining cruelty of war is still felt every day with still easy to find bones and human skulls that have not been well identified in the deep of caves that exist. If it is true that the bones belong to American or Japanese soldiers who are reportedly killed as many as 10,000 Japanese and 500 Americans, it is proper that they should be treated properly and repatriated to their family's who may still be searching until now ..... after 74 years of waiting.

She became emerging Indonesian Author and Ethnographer since she published Dani The Highlanders, Book about Dani Tribe who live in Jayawijaya mountain range in New Guinea which be Hits book in 2014, Book of Baduy “ Baduy Locked In Time” as her duet Ethnography book with Indonesian Top Neurologist Hardiono D Pusponegoro and others special request book for private companies and government institutions in IndonesiaBeen travel a lot in Indonesia, Asia, Europe, Africa and USA, already held for Solo Exhibition in Indonesia-Japan-Italy-USA.