2018 / People / Portrait_P

Old Eyes of Rajasthani

  • Photographer
    Chung Yow

I like street portraitures, I traveled many countries for the last few years, taking pictures of the strangers. So glad that my first time went to the state of Rajasthan,India, I managed to meet so many friendly people on the streets. They were so willingly and welcoming to be photographed. They really looked unique and colorful in their turbans and dresses. But I notice that they were hard to focus. So I wondered many of them may have the problem of cataract. According to WHO/NPCB there are 12 million blind people in India, and 80.1% of these are blind due to cataract.

I am a self-taught and hobbyist photographer. I like to travel, and I like photograph what inspires me, or what I think will be an interesting reminder of this exact point in time. I strive to capture moments and what my heart sees, and listen to the nature tells.